Doggy Gone Good
You CAN Train Your Dog
Secrets of a Master Dog Traner

Most dog owners want the very best for their four-legged friends, and to enjoy
the happiest times together as companions under the same roof. The owner
must know not only the best ways to keep the dog healthy, but well behaved. A
dog not only needs obedience training to teach it the rules of the home — the
dog craves it, since following commands fulfills its inbred drive to work for its
master. A dog with a strong leader is a happy dog.
In Doggy Gone Good: A Master’s Guide to Teaching Manners, Tricks and
Healthy Habits, master animal trainer Gregory Popovich — founder and star
of the World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater — shares his secrets for
fostering a healthy, happy relationship with a pet dog. Popovich, who grew up
backstage at a circus with dogs and cats as his earliest friends, draws on his
lengthy experience in raising and training dogs to provide insights into how
dogs think — and how to correct bad behavior and foster good behavior.
You CAN Train Your Cat
Secrets of a Master Cat Trainer


World Famous pet trainer Gregory Popovich is sharing his secrets for the very first time! He has released a book titled “You CAN Train Your Cat”. Gregory describes in step-by-step detail how anyone can train even the most fickle feline, ending bad behavior and building a stronger connection between you and your kitty.


This is your opportunity to learn from the best! "You CAN Train Your Cat" is also the perfect gift for the animal lovers in your life just in time for the holiday season.


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Show Program


You can purchase the actual program from Gregory's show in Las Vegas. Even a preview of every page.



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